Add Users to a Project

You can add users during your initial login, or add users at any time when you are logged in to your account. 

To add a new user, click on the dropdown menu beside a project. Click “Share”. Type in the user’s email address and set the permission level (permission options are “View Only” or “View & Edit”). 

You can add a user to multiple projects by clicking the menu beside each project, or set a user to “View All Projects” or “View & Edit All Projects”. When you add a user, the user will receive an email inviting them to make an account at Photogrammetry. 

When users login for the first time, their account defaults to a free trial unless the user selects a different account type. Free trial is ideal for “View Only” users. If a user will need to process models in your project, a Professional account is recommended.

Once logged in, the users you added to a project will see that project in their Photogrammetry dashboard.