Create a New Project

Creating a new Mapware project, upload data, and process a 3D model.

Upload your data, including images, GPS correction files, ground control point files, and notes to create a project in Mapware. Then, you can process your data to create a 3D model in several output formats. 

To get started, click "Create Project" 

Give your project a unique name. You can add tags to your project, which can be used later to find and organize your projects.

If you are a member of multiple Mapware Teams, you will see an option to select Project Ownership. The drop-down menu is populated with your Teams. Choose the Team the project should be stored under. Click "Next". 

Select Files to Add to Your Project 

Drag and drop your files from a folder on your computer into Mapware. Or, click "Upload More" to browse to a folder on your computer. 

Image Files

If Mapware detects files that are not images, it will ask you to confirm the file types of those files. 

You can upload as many images as will fit in the storage space allotted to your account. 

You can process a model using only image files. Or, add other types of files listed below. 

Non-Image Files

For each non-image file, you can label it as a Ground Control Points file, a GPS Correction file, or leave it as Uncategorized. 

Ground Control Point Files

For Ground Control Point files, select your coordinate reference system. You can choose from any of the global coordinate systems in the database at

Just choose the coordinate system you prefer from the drop-down menu in Mapware.   

Click "Confirm". You will see a preview of your ground control point file output. Exit out of the preview to continue. 

GPS Correction Files

You will see a preview of your GPS Correction file. A dropdown beside each image shows you an expanded view of the image. 

Continue While Your Files Upload

After confirming your files, you can add more files, or click "Next" to continue. 

Your files will continue to run in the background. You will receive an email confirmation once all of your files have been successfully uploaded. 

View Projects in Your Mapware Dashboard

In the main dashboard, your projects are shown. You can drag projects to rearrange the order, view in list or grid view, and create sections to store your projects. 

Learn more about organizing projects. 

Learn more about sharing projects.