How many user accounts can I create with my plan?

Mapware subscriptions have unlimited users!

Mapware pricing is based on data processing and storage, not number of users.

You can add an unlimited number of users to your account, and you can set permissions for each user you add to a Team or Project.

Permission levels include: 
View Only
View & Edit
View, Edit, & Process

Learn more about setting permission levels: Set User Permissions

Mapware for Teams

You can add a user to your Team to give them access to all projects in your account, without having to add them to each project one by one.

By default, users added to your Team have full View, Edit, & Process permissions. But, you can still limit permissions for each user if you have specific projects that should be View Only or View & Edit. Simply change the permission level for that user. 

If you want to share some, but not all, of the projects in your account, add the users to the Project. You can assign different permission levels for each user you add to a project. 

Shared Processing & Storage Credits for Teams

Adding a user to your Team means they will share your processing credits and storage space when they upload images and process models. Team users who do not have View, Edit, & Process permissions have the option to request processing through the app.

When a View Only or View & Edit team member makes a request to process a model, all team Admins receive an email notification requesting processing. If a team Admin doesn't want to receive request to process alerts, they can be turned off in the Alerts & Notifications dashboard.

Belong to Multiple Teams & Projects

If a user belongs to multiple projects and teams, they are prompted to select which project they are using in the drop-down menu in the Create New Project screen. 

Users can have their own accounts and belong to multiple Teams and Projects, with different levels of permissions on each of the teams and projects.