Understand Pricing

Mapware accounts are priced for processing power and storage space. Subscriptions come with an unlimited number of users.

Mapware Free Trial

The Mapware Free Trial is the best option for those who want to try out the app. You can easily upgrade from the free trial to a professional subscription any time. 

The Mapware Free Trial comes with: 
1 User
1 Project
12 GB of data storage
12 Gigapixels of processing power

Mapware Professional Subscription

Mapware Professional Subscriptions are for every day power users who need plenty of space to storage data and want to process large amounts of data quickly. Professionals can have multiple projects spread shared between multiple users. Data storage space and processing power can be added at any time, so the Professional Subscription grows with you as your team expands. 

The Mapware Professional Subscription comes with: 
Unlimited users
Unlimited projects
500 GB of data storage ($24.75/Additional TB)
25,000 Gigapixels of processing power ($0.008/additional megapixel)

Mapware Enterprise Account

Mapware Enterprise Accounts are for customers dealing with big data who need a super computer for processing. These are custom accounts designed specifically for you in cooperation with your Mapware representative. 

Distributed cloud computing powered by parallel processing exponentially increases the volume of data you can process compared to on-premise machines. With Aerial Applications' state-of-the-art data centers doing the heavy lifting, you have the power of an ultrafast processing engine at your fingertips to get fast, high-quality results. 

We can handle big data. Our data center benchmarked at more than 2,500 teraflops, making it one of the top 100 supercomputers in the world. Our system is designed to support heterogeneous computational environments and is fully redundant. We can handle data sets up to one petabyte and beyond.

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