Who is Aerial Applications?

The photogrammetry software we wanted didn't exist. So we built it ourselves.

Aerial Applications is a drone software company that builds custom, specialized UAS and GIS data processing solutions for some of the world's largest companies and government agencies.

We are working to provide real-time geospatial data to first responders and teams working in a variety of industries including telecommunications, oil and gas, construction, insurance, disaster response, land management, and conservation.

We are experts in GPU-accelerated data processing using cloud-based systems.

Aerial Applications has provided tools and support to first responders in the aftermath of some of the major hurricanes to make landfall in the U.S., including Hurricane Matthew in 2016, Irma in 2017, and Florence and Michael in 2018. 

We are part of the first cohort of the Verizon 5G First Responder Lab, which allows us to develop advanced tools to get real-time data collected by drones into the hands of first responders, so they can respond quickly when disaster strikes and their operations on the ground are more efficient and successful. 

Aerial Applications is an alumni of the Capital Factory Accelerator Program, the NVIDIA Inception Program, and is winner of the MD5 Hackathon for implementation of AI/ML for image analysis, and FastCompany's Innovation by Design Award for Social Good. 

A Top-20 Innovator for the U.S. Air Force

In March 2020, Aerial Applications was awarded strategic financing from the U.S. Air Force to develop advanced drone software that combines geospatial data, photogrammetry, and AI-based data processing to apply to land management use cases at Air Force bases across the U.S. 

Learn more about the project: "Aerial Applications Wins $6 Million Air Force Award

Want to know more about us?

Visit us online: https://aerialapplications.com